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“Do everything you want because you’re free but remember hurting someone is not on the list”

                  Yes, yes and yes. I’m the owner of this blog site and my name is April! I preferred to be called CCW ( Clumsy Crazy Woman). As you can see its’s the name of my site. If you want to know me more just click the “Me, Myself and I” button page at the top. And all you need to do is READ, READ, READ and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Please always do check this page to be updated! If you have problems, don’t hesitate to talk to me. Do leave a comment or click the page “Contacting CCW” at the home page how to contact me! Thank you!

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Boogy Man!

I was created by a crazy woman!

I was created by a crazy woman!

Meet my friend! His name is Boogy Man!

Meet my friend!
His name is Boogy Man!

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Here are some of my certificates and medals. There are plenty more of this and I will show it to you next time. These certificates and medals are all about excelling in class, leadership training and math and literature contests!



                    Yup, you’re right I do love sports! For your information I am playing table tennis! I really do love running, fetching and get sweat so I’m into sports. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting some pictures of my outdoor activities and me playing table tennis!

Cookie Fat Choi!



Happy Valentines!

February 14 is also known as Valentines Day! We used to go out and have some fun with our loved ones. We used to make surprises and acts of love to cherish the moment. It is a happy day for most of us. But somehow we did not acknowledged the people who are all alone and sad because they have no one by there side. So for the next Valentine, we should share our love to others than just for ourselves. 

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   Compiled Poems by CCW!


According to urbandictionary, limerence is an infatuation or crush that lasts at a much longer time span. A crush is for a short duration of time, while a limerence may last for months, years or even a lifetime.” (c)

I wonder when this will stop,

It brings so much pain and love.

Years had passed but then it didn’t last.

And all the memories waved me back.

All I did is avoid the circumstances,

and missed all the chances.

I wasted time not to expect,

for me to assume it was all neglect.

I concluded things that shouldn’t be,

It made me think there’s no magic will be.

But abrupt turn of events came,

And all the answer was the same.

And now I saw you at the train station,

standing alone with your famous expression.

I blinked so many times as I move towards you,

remembering my limerence for you.

To Kuya Cocoy

We are best friends back then.

Or Should I say best enemies supposed to be?

I’m way taller than you before,

but now I should look up into you when talking.


We argue in such little things,

and have a big mess for a quest.

It was funny to remember that,

we fight everyday to get their attention to us.


I do recall some of the things we’ve done.

Like,  me spitting  your face when we’re brushing our teeth,

and you chased me to get revenge but haven’t.

I was a bully back then you see.


But the best thing we have that I could be proud?

All toys that we have is shared by the both of us.

And Even though we have plenty of fights,

we still play together back then.

A mystery eh?

Well I missed the old times when you call  me by my nickname,

and I call you by yours too.

I remember, our nicknames suck!


And we began to take part ways,

and as if it’s a chance for us to stop our endless fights.

But hey couz! I missed us !

I miss my kuya who’s been giving me money

when fiesta comes!


Hahaha! I still remember, how we compete to get first to Mom

and seeing who’ll be in charge of handling the money.

Naughty as we are and till now.

I wish we could be best friends from now on!

Wake me Up

I’m loving what I’m seeing,

I’m loving what I’m hearing.

Beautiful and mysterious it can be,

I welcome you to my fantasy.

All is magic, all I do is imagine.

Now do you want to stay with me?

Good things always happen and

no painful scenes you’ll be seeing.

You’re the master, you’re the captain!

Now you see what’s coming?

Preferred and stated,now I didn’t know

what’s reality from it.

Can someone wake me up?

Can someone show me the way?

I am trapped in this fairy tale,

without a happy ending to be share.

So wake me up!

I didn’t know what to do.

I didn’t know what to believe,

So wake me up in this dreaming.

‘Cause I ain’t living!

So wake me up,

and tell me how I lived life supposed to be!


Rushed of whirlwinds can be heard.

Bolts of thunder gives a curse,

Engulfment of terror marked my heart,

Seeing them desecrated and fall apart,

As the dawn breaks, everything seems dead,

It was a havoc, what awaits us ahead?

As we face through these rubbish,

Let’s look with buoyancy and treasure what’s left.

Hunger is seen and no elsewhere is green,

Rotten flesh is smelled for no delight is found here,

Staying alive is the cause of looting to survive,

No patience was left for the government is like a turtle to arrive,

No matter how austere gets the weather,

His gift will probably back sooner,

I’ll try to bury these unpleasant memory,

And engraft a life of clarity.


I have a plan for ev’rything but it’s still confusing.

I don’t know what to do because my mind is mixing.

I don’t remember plenty and I kept on forgetting the necessary.

I don’t know what to feel, and I wanted to figure out what is real.

I am fooled by many, making me doubt everybody.

I kept on searching but I couldn’t find any, I ended up

shattered, broken, and I find it amazing because I’m still breathing.

I’m trying to work it out and hoping I could fix it up.

I don’t know the underlying truths and lies to but I’ll prepare

for what it will bring me soon enough.


One day, you’ll experience great pain too.

You betrayed me, you hurt me.

You left me hanging and ruined me.

You changed me, I’m different now.

You’re a nightmare, and I hate you.

I hate everything about you.

You’re just like the others,

a stupid heart breaker.

You are a monster, how dare you?

Eat your promises liar!

Masked Feeling

To: Mr. W


My hands are trembling,

my heart is throbbing,

my memory is fading

yet I have a masked feeling.


You are naughty,

you are charming,

you are the guy I like,

yet for you it’s nothing.


Hey! Can you feel it?,

or kept on avoiding it?

Do you hear my heart?,

or acting like a deaf for

your part?


I put all my feelings into this

drastic poem I’m making.

And I kept on believing that

I can reach you without touching.


My time of search is over, and

I find out that we’re paralleled

to each other.

That means we aren’t destined together,

Like a parallel line that there’s

no chance to intersects ever.


The only way is build a bridge,

just to be seen and felt.

If only you will let me

battle against our destiny.


So this is what I see,

this is what I think,

this is what I feel,

this is my masked feeling.


So boy, hear the melody

of my heart. 




Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle twinkle little star,

why are you so afar?


I have a story to be told,

so listen carefully when I spoke.


One day, I saw a girl with

a gleeful smile.

Her hair’s like Dora’s

that’s fits her right.


Her steps is heavy like a zombie,

knowing that she’s sometimes lazy.


She’s funny to look and very squishy.

She speaks like she didn’t care

so everybody always stare.


She frequently eat and willing to feed.

You can have plenty of food to receive.


She’s not hot nor sexy but she’s beautiful to see.

She’s fun to be with and you could laugh

as long as you wish.


She’s also kind and wise but she could be a surprise!

Surprised by her unbearable cuteness and prize!


When I look into her eyes,

I can see many spotlights.

They are shinning when she sees him,

The star she wanted to touch yet so very far to reach.


Oh!  She felt gloomy and doomy

because destiny is so weary.


So please can you help me,

to work for her destiny?

So she can be happy or will be



So Twinkle twinkle little star,

did you like the story that I told?


I wish destiny works frequently so my friend won’t be sleepy.


I thought she was ordinary, but no, she is a mystery.

Ingrid is her name, and yes, she is a beauty.

I saw her when I was fourteen,

a no confidence lady with her paper and pen.

This girl is artistic and draws very well.

With her magical pen she expresses what she felt.

Oh this lady have full of surprises!

Making the mystery exciting to be puzzled.

I was flabbergasted when I heard her sung.

Her voice is like an angel that captivates my soul.

That’s the last time I saw her  when I was fourteen.

And I haven’t solved the mystery within that  being.

to be continued…

Ingrid Part 2

I was walking along the corridors,

and I heard a familiar voice.

Oh! That voice of an angel

that I heard from somewhere.

She stands confidently and sings so softly.

She has grown like a lady and shines abruptly.

Oh! I could hear some cheers and clapping!,

I wonder why what’s happening.

I was taken a back with a sudden realization.

This lady is on fire with nothing to compare to.

She’s standing in front of the crowd with much appreciation.

And I discovered that she’s the mystery I haven’t solved for a year.

Now I saw how she revealed her identity.

She is dazzling and blazing with compact change.

Yes, she’s Ingrid.

The girl I saw a year ago.

And now I’m fifteen and I finally saw her.

Her mysterious beauty that can’t be spared,

and until now she can’t be spelled.


My body is aching

and I am trembling.

I can feel the pain

that’s slowly rising.

Thus sends me shivers

and I can feel it’s dangerous.

Because any moment from now

I’ll be punished.

Wounded by a sword,

and trying to get up.

Making myself believe,

that I can obtain it.

I’m always used by others,

making me feel worthless.

Can someone willingly save me from this

place and beings?

This is Me


This is me.

Running from the past

and pretending to be happy.

Hard to forget and trust somebody.

From  gotten betrayals and

deceived  by many,

I learned my lesson not to trust any.

Not letting people get near of me,

is my greatest cover to avoid everybody.

Running away is my forte.

So don’t try to chase me.

People will never get me.

People will never understand me.

I’m different and I’m contented at it.

I need to keep distance to protect

my true identity.

You’re Attached (Maria Isabel Elizaga)

Your love is powerful

and yet remarkable. 

So pure and so true like

you’re destined forever.


I can see the strings when 

you’re together.

Attached by a magic 

that never been distinguished

by others.


I can see how it blooms from

a bud to a flower.

That  greatly affects 

your actions toward each other.


Sweet smiles and sincere

stares are made,

Hoping that it will continue

and won’t be at stake.


Oh, I see you have chemistry

that joins by an electricity.

And seeing you happy makes

my heart rushy.


The urge of capturing

your  moments together,

made me enjoy to remember

it forever.


You love him and

He loves you.

As I believe it was true

that happy endings do come true.


That connection you both made

should be nourished and

taken cared.

For love is often searched  

but  seldom discovered.


Choosing your path will

take a risk,

just like falling in love

and ready to take the pain.

A Friend of Mine (dedicated to Rosetthea Marie Empiel)

A girl with a teardrop eyes,

touched my heart with a simple smile.


She often babbles her imaginations,

like the sky above with clouds of artistic creations .


She often criticized by others,

and always run in a dungeon.


She’s so much with exaggeration,

like the beauty of the sky with so much of complexion.


She often stumbles down but knows how to get up and try.

She often smiles but within those there are deep locked secrets that lies.


She likes to express but always misinterprets.

She’s always broken yet she kept on going.


I  can see her hardships right through that deep black eyes.

I can feel the sadness that driven by happiness in just a moment of time.


She’s hard-headed and somewhat irritated by him.

She needs to be scolded before she can understand a thing,


She’s crazy and stupid  when she is bored.

She loves music but music doesn’t like her.


It is funny to look at how insecure she was.

She doesn’t know the true meaning of pure beauty that takes part.


She’s beautiful inside and outside,

that made her outshined others just like that.


But She will be always a child,

who wishes love and comfort from her parents,

who needs a pillow when she’s  not alright,

who needs a friend to be happy,

and a loving Father that will never leave her side.

Her name is Sky,

a martyr friend of mine.

Oh Mother! Hear Your Child…



You wake up early to fix things up,

reminding everybody to do own stuff.


You cook us breakfast and joins with us,

Telling us to be good and be responsible enough. 


You gave us your smile when we bid good-bye,

Encouraging us to survive the task.


But Now you’re miles afar,

working for our good that sets us apart.

To pay for the sacrifices you have done,

I’ll study hard and will bring bountiful awards.


Oh, how i miss your lovely scent!

Also the sparkling smile that soothes me so fine.

Longingness  can see right through my eyes,

Missing you madly like no one knows how it is to be like.


Oh dear Mother hear my cry,

your child is suffering for already a time.

Please come back home and give me a smile,

that will say “I’ll be forever by your side.”

“Who is HE? and Why?”

You are the Lord of darkness and despair,

No mercy from you that can be spared.

You are ruthless and considered as a beast,

with thy strength that can be tested.

No one should trust thy words,

thou lay false promises and a curse.

You are thy King of persuasion,

and made others craved with desperation.

You are evil and wanted to destroy innocence.

You rule the land full of depression and darkness,

where disgusting and rotten flesh must be smelled.

Chains and violent tasks are your ways.

Like planting a bomb in anyone’s way.

Your Land is shut down when daylight,

and becomes wild at twilight.

You can feel the loneliness deep inside.

and be able to be trapped by so many lies.

You were despised by others,

Criticized your powers.

Battled a thousands

and won it without letting it pass.

You lived your life in the shadows

like being chained in the rusty dungeons.

You’re like a bow without an arrow,

can’t be used without the other.

You already know it but won’t accept it.

You’ll stand on your ground until someone

will break through.

The gods decided your fate and you kept

on avoiding it.

Remained unspoken and not ready to listen.

Scars are all over but would’t be contented,

Like a vampire that thirst for blood and more.

But you are the man in my fantasies that

written all over into this. 

Purely imagination and all is a fiction.

Unexpected Love

Ours was unexpected,

never been intended.

It was just between the both of us,

and never known by others.

You are so faithful even though we’re afar,

yet so understanding with our misunderstandings.

All is doing fine until I began to cry,

We can’t take it no longer ’cause

courage is no part.

Decided to part ways and

leave what’s been made.

Months have passed and decided to wait.

Communication regained and the decision has been made.

We settled as friends and I’m glad to take.

The feelings have been gone as time goes by.

We remained connected and still working with our friendship.

I never imagined that we will end up like this.

Still asking why our relationship didn’t make it.

Now that I realized, it’s better to be like this.

No Complications and Painful Momentum.

This unexpected love of ours that will treasured and a history forever.

You don’t know what “It” can Do

Even though ours is all made-up,

I can’t get myself  out of it,

I broken all the rules  that was set,

And made all the stupidness, 

Mistaken and misunderstood by others,

I don’t give a damn impediment.

All I wanted is to be true to you.

The clumsiness and stupidness inside

was a perfect flaw of mine,

because I gotten your interests to me.

But as I said before,

ours is just all made- up,

but is there a chance to change it up?

Well it is all fictitious.

I was the only one who broke the rules.

You were so obedient that you wouldn’t,

and it hurts to know that.

I was the only one who assumes.

I’m sorry I forgot it was just a pretence of ours.

The sweetness and gentleness we shared.

Smiles and laughters we bear.

Tears that was shed,

and all the teasing we brought,

Was  revocable and scripted.

I hate to admit it but,

All the pretending that we had

was reminding of how love it was.

How love is so painful.

How love is bitter but sweet.

How love is  caring.

How love is fulfilling.

How love can be dangerous.

And how love can surprisingly be beautiful. 

But wherever you look at it,

The picture of us pretending, painfully brought up tears and sadness in me.

Because it is not true and I assumed.

The Other Guy

I liked you as well as I hated you before.

Well I hate you until now.

You know why?

Because you know me. when I’m mad,

When I’m thinking of something, When I’m sad, everything.

You always defeat me with your words.

You always tease me but It’s actually giving me a thing to do.

You are observant and reasonable.

You always find alibi when we have a teasing fight.

Well, don’t you know that when the time that you smile and laugh at me,

I’m always mesmerized and got attached to it?

That you can make me smile and laugh easily.

I just realized, even though you’re not so handsome, you are very appealing.

The way you walk through the corridors, the way you run lazily, the way you shoot the ball to the ring, 

The way you comb your hair by your hands,

The way you hesitate,

The way you talk and express,

there are just some things that I like to you.

I never wonder why my friend is obsessed to you.

Even though you had those pimples around your face,

there just nothing when you begin to talk.

The not-so-handsome-guy but the most-oh-so-appealing-guy that I ever met is you.

With your sarcasm and over-boosting confidence,

made me like you until now.

Thank you for coming into my life. 

I learned many things from you.

And I’m thankful that you know me that well because it will made me continually

and happily hate you for knowing me. 

Smile always most-oh-so-appealing guy.



Your eyes Mr., they are deep ,black and mysterious.

Mr., you are so reserved with your actions and words.

Are you hiding something?

You are unpredictable as well as bipolar.

You don’t like girls clinging to you, but you are to others.

It seems like you’re thinking something always.

What is it?

Are you confused?

What’s in your mind?

Will you allow me?

Mr., why are you always finding her?

Do you like her?

I guess you do.

How do I know?

I always have my eyes on you.

Don’t deny it.

You may hurt her if she heard this from you.

You also hurt me from lying such thing.

You’re very obvious when it comes to her.

I thought you were a blank-faced man.

Well what do I expect to Mr. Love?

It can change everything.

I love you Mother

I love your smile so tender and fragile.

I love your warmth so cozy and vital.

I love you so much that you’ve been my life.

I love you Mother, so please come back home sooner.

I miss your presence everyday I wake up.

I am always longing for your kisses and hugs.

I am sorry for being a trouble, and 

making your head aches double.

Because little April just wants your attention.

I love you Mother and I promise to be

your only possession.

So guys my portfolio doesn’t ends here because I’ll be adding more this coming days to update you and bring more inspiring poems.Thank you very much for stopping by!




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