Me,Myself and I


Hi There! I’m April and a newbie in writing. This blog was made for school requirement and of course for my public diary. So I hope you find it interesting and if you have suggestions please do leave a comment.

Well as you can see I’m not really a consistent writer. I do write but not so often! xD I’m not really good in writing because I preferred reading and watching. As I evaluate my self, I find it hard to express in writing my feelings. I tried it many times and it do sucks to read because it is too long. Well I’m a kind of person who loves detailed type information so that’s why I ended up writin

So this page is totally intended for you to know me. And basically, absolutely, obviously I’ll be talking about myself. Yes, I am a nagger. xD Okay now on serious matters.

Again I’m April Joy L. Pacete. 15 years of living in this mysterious world! At home they call me at my second name and sometimes g what’s inside my head. Just like what I’m doing now. Arghhh…

it’s Bjoy (short for baby joy). And yeah it’s funny and nice to hear. Hehe… And in school they call me Pril or April. I am an honor student, a stupid clumsy woman, and I’m not good in directions. And I often lost but fortunately I’m still alive! Hahaha…

I love watching anime and often lose control and temper. I love fantasies, online games like RPG, 2D games, death angels, romance and crazy stuff. I am a hopeless romantic and love making and reading poems. I do have plenty of original poems so check it out the “Home” button!

I belong to the artist guild, the vice president in class, I play table tennis and I hate board games. Yes I love playing outdoors and I love sports.

I always eat but I keep myself fit. I love hanging out with my best friends and do crazy stuff with them. We also do love piling up ourselves!

I think these are too much! So probably I’ll stop here? Oki doki. Bye Bye!

Don’t forget to leave a message! PM me your interests! Thank you kiddos!


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