Leaving You in the Past

“Leaving You in the Past”


I had enough of what ifs,

Not been looking for true things,

Holding such hopes,

It turns out to be nothing,


Hearing it from you is enough,

I have lost my emotions in the dark,

There’s no chance between us,

So it is better to stop,


Deciding is very tough,

But pain is driving me instantly,

Wanted to leave the scars,

Same time leaving you in the past,


It was already too much,

I guess I have traveled so far,

But my love haven’t reached you enough,

So I better turn my back this time,


Catching my breath as I glance you once more,

And holding it as my feelings hidden for so long,

Knowing that I’ll be losing you brought hurt,but

Leaving you is the only way to ease the pain of mine.






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