Six adjectives I wanted to describe my experience. It was fun, awesome,detailed,new,interesting,and hard. I’m talking about making a brochure using Photoshop. I am a beginner and I don’t have a clue how to use the buttons on the Photoshop however it is a user friendly application and it doesn’t take a genius to use it. Making a brochure needs so much focus and planning, especially on your designs and texts that you’ll put in the brochure. As I made my brochure, I found difficulty in putting and editing texts but it was fine. I was able to finish my brochure in 2 hours of time and haven’t edited it. When it was printed, I pointed out plenty of mistakes on my work. It was a lot of typos and it’s really worrying me and I just can’t print it out again because it costs much. Next time, I’ll be more careful and pay attention on the little details that might ruin the project. From this I won’t be able to regret but should be proud of my work! I’ll do my best to keep in mind the consequences of a low quality work.


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