Still working at 2AM



So basically upon making this PSA on top and ending at 2 am really a relief for me. Why? because it’s my first time making one. And the thing is, I don’t know what I’m really doing when making this video because from the beginning I messed up with Video Pad. Hey! I don’t freakin’ know how to use it and I don’t read instructions but nonetheless it ended good. Not well because it has so many things to add and consider. Like having a nice concept and how the storyboard will be. So I ended up drawing and set an audio for it. And it took me 30 times of performing it again and again. Oh well, it was really tiresome especially when you need to talk for just 30 seconds as the requirement says. Luckily I didn’t tongue twisted. How’s my experience? Well, I preferred watching than doing it. It had to be so much details if you liked it to be fantastic! How handy is that? But it was a nice experience. I really did explore the buttons of the video maker. It did reminded me of what my computer teacher always say, “Explore the computer, don’t be afraid to click any button because YOU ARE LEARNING. It’s fine to wreck it at least you’ve learned.” So there you go, I took his wisdom and luckily didn’t wreck the machine. And finished the job without troubling myself in reading instructions. Haha! It’s so good to be simple. XD


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