Luna the Moon. She was 13 years old when she started to love the moon. Every evening she comes out of their house just to see Luna. You wonder why? The reason is, she is in pain. She pours out her heart and drains all the grudges to Luna. And fortunately Luna did not complain but she knows Luna pities her. Every night she cries and cries to Luna. She was wrecked not better than an old voyage ship. She was alone and longing and Luna was her way to communicate to her love ones and Luna didn’t fail her.


She misses her. She misses him. She misses herself.  She’s coping from the stabs gained in her chest. She always wishes with Luna especially in bad times and good times.

Luna, Luna, she whispered softly. Wind blows coldly brushing her pale skin with dismay and pity. The sky was dark and lonely. No shining stars and no Luna. Thunder claps and lightning was there. As she close her eyes and tears came out, rain accompanied her suffering…




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