Disconnect, Reconnect and Love like a child

Disconnect, we need to disconnect ourselves to the virtual world we are in. To enable us to reconnect again with nature and to God, we need to give up ourselves in using our gadgets to keep our mind in focus to discover new things and experience new ones and to be able to share to others what we have learned. Reconnecting ourselves to real world give us new chances and opportunities in living our life to the fullest and doing what we want. I simple words, we are given freedom to do what we want. But freedom isn’t just like that. Freedom is doing good to others, it doesn’t mean you’re free, you have the right to hurt others. Freedom has its own limitations or boundaries. And lastly, love like a child. Why? Because just like a child, innocent, easily to forgive, happy, no worries, cheerful and caring. We need to be like that. We need to love innocently without hidden desires. We need to trust and forgive easily to those who had hurt us. We should love truthfully like Christ without any hesitations and secrets.


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