They think I’m creepy!

Hi! I’m April and they think I’m creepy.

Whenever I enter our bathroom, I can see images on the textiles.

Lions, man in black, angels, clowns, lady, eyes, and anonymous men were inscribe.

I consulted it to my sister and she thinks it’s scary and my imagination is creepy.

To sum it up I’m scary and creepy. xD


One day I was reading a fantasy in a famous website for teens, Wattpad.

The work of the author really struck me. Her story was about a tragic, happy, heart broken, music, love, death angels, death, and to sum it up, not so typical life because of the appearance of death angels in the story.

And yeah it’s amazing because it made me believe of the existence of death angels. 

I even fantasizing of talking and falling in love to a death angel. xD

I shared it to a friend and she said I’m insane and so very creepy.

I also asked about it to my other friends who read a lot and to my CL teacher,

and unfortunately i found it unsurely true, in simple words, they are just make believe things to add spice in life!

And surely it’s disappointing on my part.

Being a hopeless romantic is so hard that people are willing to plaster the reality in front of your face to stop you from daydreaming about those unbelievable stuff! 

Nahh, sure it sucks but they really think I’m scary and creepy when I began to talk and share some things from my oh so precious brain! It really works all the time. Haha…



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