To Kuya Cocoy

We are best friends back then.

Or Should I say best enemies supposed to be?

I’m way taller than you before,

but now I should look up into you when talking.


We argue in such little things,

and have a big mess for a quest.

It was funny to remember that,

we fight everyday to get their attention to us.


I do recall some of the things we’ve done.

Like,  me spitting  your face when we’re brushing our teeth,

and you chased me to get revenge but haven’t.

I’m a bully back then you see.


But the best thing we have that I could be proud?

All toys that we have is shared by the both of us.

And Even though we have plenty of fights,

we still play together back then.


A mystery eh?

Well I missed the old times when you call  me by my nickname,

and I call you by yours too.

I remember, our nicknames suck!


And we began to take part ways,

and as if it’s a chance for us to stop our endless fights.

But hey couz! I missed us !

I miss my kuya who’s been giving me money

when fiesta comes!


Hahaha! I still remember, how we compete to get first to Mom

and seeing who’ll be in charge of handling the money.

Naughty as we are and till now.

I wish we could be best friends from now on!




From Njoy!







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