Rushed of whirlwinds can be heard.

Bolts of thunder gives a curse,

Engulfment of terror marked my heart,

Seeing them desecrated and fall apart,

As the dawn breaks, everything seems dead,

It was a havoc, what awaits us ahead?

As we face through these rubbish,

Let’s look with buoyancy and treasure what’s left.

Hunger is seen and no elsewhere is green,

Rotten flesh is smelled for no delight is found here,

Staying alive is the cause of looting to survive,

No patience was left for the government is like a turtle to arrive,

No matter how austere gets the weather,

His gift will probably back sooner,

I’ll try to bury these unpleasant memory,

And engraft a life of clarity.

This is our English poem leaded by Lance Lu…

We got the highest point for the delivery! XD


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