Well last Wednesday, we just experienced a 5.7 magnitude earthquake. It was my first time experiencing that trouble and especially in school! I thought it was just a joke of my fellow classmates but hey! it did shrugged me! And obviously we applied what they taught to us in this kind of emergency. We ducked, cover and hold and unfortunately that time I was standing and nowhere to cover my head. I was thinking of panicking but I didn’t because it’s not worth it because I’m thinking of the others. We hurriedly went of the room after our adviser rushed to us in the room. We found ourselves finding our buddy and ran out of the building. As a officer, our duty is to checked the attendance and report if someone’s missing and luckily no one was. We waited for a matter of time until it’s safe to go back in the building. It did really quake me because of the slight dizziness I’d experienced that time!But all in all thank God everyone is safe and fine.

After that quaky event, we were reprimanded because we haven’t made our duty as a student. And it was our fault obviously. I just realized that our teachers were fed up in this kind of situation, not doing assignments and projects and sometimes it is later passed. We students didn’t want this to happen but this week, we’re fully loaded with projects and requirements and exam days is fast approaching. We deliberately tired and cramming because of the upcoming events. And it is making me crazy! I didn’t know what to make first and I’m in trouble managing my time! Well this is student life! Wish me luck to do these mountainous work! And to my fellow classmates, we’ll definitely survive this quarter!We’ll make it up to the deadlines!

Well as a person I just don’t worry for the deadlines. People made me worry to especially for my friends, fellow classmates and family. You can’t take from my mind in second because those are important matters. As I said awhile ago I’m an officer specifically the vice president. So me and Miss Prez are doing our very best in leading the group and reminding them always in their acts. Well our reminders were monotonous which basically some of them we’re tired of hearing us but hey! we’re also getting tired of being a broken recorder! Well basically we’re fed up by the happenings. It is really killing me! By what you’re reading right know, you could say we’re brats, lazy,noisy teenagers but dude if you’ll know them truly, they were the most sincere, enjoyable, annoying, true and one of a kind. It really hurts to hear some of judgments, criticisms,and comments but I know that they have the point sometimes for this is what they can see. They just wanted the best for us. But sometimes, it’s not enough to drop a comment before not knowing them truly because sometimes actions weren’t enough to describe a person at first sight. Well I hope 9-JohnPaul could have a chance, a change and a pride for themselves and their section.


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