Other Side (Or is it actually just yours?)

Imagination at Work

I am speechless.

That’s why I’m putting up other voices that have crossed me.

“They say that we should understand them, but do they really understand us?” one of the closest people to me told me in a manner of great disappointment.

Sure its unavoidable to get compare, told off and all by our teachers but most of my classmates felt it was already too much.

It was no bother to me at all except for the fact that sometimes some of our teachers end up insulting our class, though I’m not sure if they are aware of it.

Due to this, most claim this ‘unhealthy’ environment affects their way of studying and learning process.

So instead of listening they just ended up being drained just by seeing that particular teacher’s face.

I’m not insulting or starting a fight but I actually wanted to take their quote, stated…

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