Masked Feeling

To: Mr. W


My hands are trembling,

my heart is throbbing,

my memory is fading

yet I have a masked feeling.


You are naughty,

you are charming,

you are the guy I like,

yet for you it’s nothing.


Hey! Can you feel it?,

or kept on avoiding it?

Do you hear my heart?,

or acting like a deaf for

your part?


I put all my feelings into this

drastic poem I’m making.

And I kept on believing that

I can reach you without touching.


My time of search is over, and

I find out that we’re paralleled

to each other.

That means we aren’t destined together,

Like a parallel line that there’s

no chance to intersects ever.


The only way is build a bridge,

just to be seen and felt.

If only you will let me

battle against our destiny.


So this is what I see,

this is what I think,

this is what I feel,

this is my masked feeling.


So boy, hear the melody

of my heart. 




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