Just Pray

The moment that I thought that it is my fault why I always cry makes me wanna hit myself so hard to stop the inner me from keep on going.

It duplicates every possibilities in my mind.

The idea of blaming my own self for letting people

reach me,

hold me,

feel me,

and know me,

and giving them the clue how to break me into pieces,

made me put into distractions from my own principles.

If I’m going to shield myself from others, I probably

bend what I built in myself for years. 

My mind was going mixing until it just happened and made me stop from over thinking.

I just conclude that people who were challenge and willingly accepts hurt and pain in their lives know how to love and sacrifice for their loved ones truly.

Then it just came into my mind to pray and ask for guidance on whatever decision I’ll make.

I prayed to Him to guide me and send the Holy Spirit to enlighten my mind and heart in weighing the possibilities and chances.

I prayed to help me to determine what is right from wrong because honestly, I don’t know anymore.

And just one pray, I know I can be better and stronger than before. 


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