Ingrid Part 2

I was walking along the corridors,

and I heard a familiar voice.

Oh! That voice of an angel

that I heard from somewhere.

She stands confidently and sings so softly.

She has grown like a lady and shines abruptly.

Oh! I could hear some cheers and clapping!,

I wonder why what’s happening.

I was taken a back with a sudden realization.

This lady is on fire with nothing to compare to.

She’s standing in front of the crowd with much appreciation.

And I discovered that she’s the mystery I haven’t solved for a year.

Now I saw how she revealed her identity.

She is dazzling and blazing with compact change.

Yes, she’s Ingrid.

The girl I saw a year ago.

And now I’m fifteen and I finally saw her.

Her mysterious beauty that can’t be spared,

and until now she can’t be spelled.


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