Hi blog. (dedicated to: April Joy Pacete)

Well. lol.. I’m just speechless.


Hi blog,

Yow how is it going? Do I sound funny?




that’s me.


I sound funny, jolly and happy. You can always see the smile on my face.


I often annoy people, and I often succeed.


I’m loud and cliched.


It’s funny to remember my mate gallingly covering his ears, tired of my knock-knock jokes.


I’m always hyped and energized.


If you will just see me, you will really think of a girl having fun without uncertainties,


at all.


Then I guess I succeed escaping,


but no.


There is a friend, I cant hide.


That with all those laughs, she sees lies behind.


“Afraid, again? Darling, be brave.” says her.


Should I pity myself?


Why am I sad?


Why does she know?


How did she know?


“I.. don’t know.”


I don’t know.


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