Keep Safe

You’re working every day and night and don’t have a rest. You are very persistent to earn money. I’m always worried and feeling empty if I can’t see you in a day because you’re away. I’m always lacking of inspiration and cheerful push. I often spacing out and thinking of what you’re doing. Yes I’m paranoid, I just don’t want to lose my loving sister. 


Have you ever thought of your safeness when you travel at night? Please assure me that you’re always safe. Sis take care of your self for me, for us. You gave your all and it was enough but it wasn’t for you. You always give what’s the best until you’re contented.


You are always thinking of everybody, father, me and mom that you have no time thinking of your own self. Sis, my heart is experiencing pain whenever you cry and said that you’re tired and you wanted to get rid of all the problems that shouldn’t be given to you but it was.

You were repeating and It’s hard to swallow it. I can feel the pain and care. Sis if you’re tired please stop for awhile and breathe. Don’t think of us that so often. We are doing fine. Don’t do Mom’s part. It isn’t your part from the first place. Please find peace within you so I could find mine.


Keep Safe when you’re alone. Run if you’re in trouble. Don’t stop until you feel safe. Don’t look back just keep your self on the road for whoever turns back will turn into ashes. So Keep Safe. I Love You Sis.



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