Inside of Our Room

Hi. This isn’t a horror story or whatsoever. This is about what’s inside of our room.

What room I’m talking about? I’m calling it “Home”.

it is located at the right side and the first room in front of the faculty room at the third floor of the institution. Yeah I know the description is too long but please bear with it.

Do you want to know what’s the inside of Home? Well you need to read and find out.


The room has four corners with strong pillars that bind. Those are mental, spiritual, social, and understanding.

 It was composed of thirty-six beings. They have one commander, the name is “The Third”. 

The room is always empty but noisy. Other commanders didn’t like to enter it because it’s creepy. But the thing is the thirty-six really love the room. It was like a home and their comfort zone.

The room is where all the agenda and plans were made and applied.

It was always dirty but not smelly like just the Beings. They show their personalities and didn’t hide a thing.

They often babbles and get troubled but they always stick and defend each other. 

Misunderstandings and fights are common inside but they settle it abruptly. Well, things become the same again like nothing happened after the fight.

They said the thirty-six beings have plenty of potentials and yes the beings really liked the compliment but there’s always a but after a given compliment that it makes it bitter.

Well they think the beings didn’t mind but they mind it. Even though the beings are troublemakers, noisy and sometimes ruthless, they have feelings. They felt pain, joy, excitement. Everything. They aren’t naive as others said.

Well the beings aren’t that sensitive enough. They hurt their commander “The Third” the day before the Special Day.

That was the first time that the beings were very silent and didn’t speak a thing after their commander left.And only one thing that runs in their minds “We are wrong, it shouldn’t be done, we must do something, sorry commander.”.

Well they really felt bad even worse for making their commander cry. It was the first time.

They didn’t really know that their commander cares that much. That their commander do all things to make all the activities possible and fun. They didn’t know.

Now their image was really broken but they didn’t mind it. All they think about how they can say sorry to their commander.

Well they pursue with the plan for the Special Day. Well they aren’t really prepared but  there should be done.

So during the Special Day, reminders and little fights were done. preparation, cleaning and beautifying the dirty room were done by all.

Nature from the beings? Unexpected surprises and minute plans. But they really make it work.


Well they offer a sincere apology, gifts, cards and roses to Commander Third and to their Commander Sensei.


Fortunately the work had paid off. They were forgiven. Tears were shed was treasured and captured. They felt appreciated and fulfilled.

They learned to appreciate little things and do little but more fulfilling things.

They always wanted a change. They wish for a change for themselves.

Now, what do you think about the inside of Home? 

Can you help them on their upcoming journey?

I wonder what will happen? Is there will be a new beginning?

Well, we’ll see.

Just read and help them for the next chapters of the story.

They wished not to be left by anyone of the beings and by you also.


So leave a comment behind and some sorts of advise or suggestions.

They really need your help.


Hope you liked it. 😀








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