What if?

What if you haven’t left for work?

What if you are here?

What if I’m lost because of you?

What if I can’t forgive you?

What if we’re together?

Mom, won’t you thank my sister for raising me to the right path?

Mom, don’t you know she’s hurting deep inside?

Mom, when will you get the burden she carries?

Mom, can you hear my heart crying?

Mom, the moment you went to that place your daughter

always gets tired and sick.

Mom, she always taking care of us, that should supposed to be you.

Mom, I’m not saying you are worse.

I’m don’t want you to feel worse but mom this is what I feel.

Mom, even though our lives are like this, I know you have a better reason and answers

to my every question.

Mom, we love you, don’t worry, you’re always be my whole world.

I love you and I’m missing you.

Take care and don’t forget to eat 3-6 times a day.

waiting for you,

april :’)


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