You’re Attached (Maria Isabel Elizaga)


Your love is powerful

and yet remarkable. 

So pure and so true like

you’re destined forever.


I can see the strings when 

you’re together.

Attached by a magic 

that never been distinguished

by others.


I can see how it blooms from

a bud to a flower.

That  greatly affects 

your actions toward each other.


Sweet smiles and sincere

stares are made,

Hoping that it will continue

and won’t be at stake.


Oh, I see you have chemistry

that joins by an electricity.

And seeing you happy makes

my heart rushy.


The urge of capturing

your  moments together,

made me enjoy to remember

it forever.


You love him and

He loves you.

As I believe it was true

that happy endings do come true.


That connection you both made

should be nourished and

taken cared.

For love is often searched  

but  seldom discovered.


Choosing your path will

take a risk,

just like falling in love

and ready to take the pain.






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