A Friend of Mine (dedicated to Rosetthea Marie Empiel)

A girl with a teardrop eyes,

touched my heart with a simple smile.

She often babbles her imaginations,

like the sky above with clouds of artistic creations .

She often criticized by others,

and always run in a dungeon.

She’s so much with exaggeration,

like the beauty of the sky with so much of complexion.

She often stumbles down but knows how to get up and try.

She often smiles but within those there are deep locked secrets that lies.

She likes to express but always misinterprets.

She’s always broken yet she kept on going.

I  can see her hardships right through that deep black eyes.

I can feel the sadness that driven by happiness in just a moment of time.

She’s hard-headed and somewhat irritated by him.

She needs to be scolded before she can understand a thing,

She’s crazy and stupid  when she is bored.

She loves music but music doesn’t like her.

It is funny to look at how insecure she was.

She doesn’t know the true meaning of pure beauty that takes part.

She’s beautiful inside and outside,

that made her outshined others just like that.

But She will be always a child,

who wishes love and comfort from her parents,

who needs a pillow when she’s  not alright,

who needs a friend to be happy,

and a loving Father that will never leave her side.

Her name is Sky,

a martyr friend of mine,


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