Oh Mother! Hear Your Child…


You wake up early to fix things up,

reminding everybody to do own stuff.

You cook us breakfast and joins with us,

Telling us to be good and be responsible enough. 

You gave us your smile when we bid good-bye,

Encouraging us to survive the task.

But Now you’re miles afar,

working for our good that sets us apart.

To pay for the sacrifices you have done,

I’ll study hard and will bring bountiful awards.

Oh, how i miss your lovely scent!

Also the sparkling smile that soothes me so fine.

Longingness  can see right through my eyes,

Missing you madly like no one knows how it is to be like.

Oh dear Mother hear my cry,

your child is suffering for already a time.

Please come back home and give me a smile,

that will say “I’ll be forever by your side.”.


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