“Who is HE? and Why?”

You are the Lord of darkness and despair,

No mercy from you that can be spared.

You are ruthless and considered as a beast,

with thy strength that can be tested.

No one should trust thy words,

thou lay false promises and a curse.

You are thy King of persuasion,

and made others craved with desperation.

You are evil and wanted to destroy innocence.

You rule the land full of depression and darkness,

where disgusting and rotten flesh must be smelled.

Chains and violent tasks are your ways.

Like planting a bomb in anyone’s way.

Your Land is shut down when daylight,

and becomes wild at twilight.

You can feel the loneliness deep inside.

and be able to be trapped by so many lies.

You were despised by others,

Criticized your powers.

Battled a thousands

and won it without letting it pass.

You lived your life in the shadows

like being chained in the rusty dungeons.

You’re like a bow without an arrow,

can’t be used without the other.

You already know it but won’t accept it.

You’ll stand on your ground until someone

will break through.

The gods decided your fate and you kept

on avoiding it.

Remained unspoken and not ready to listen.

Scars are all over but would’t be contented,

Like a vampire that thirst for blood and more.

But you are the man in my fantasies that

written all over into this. 

Purely imagination and all is a fiction.


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