Unexpected Love

Ours was unexpected,

never been intended.

It was just between the both of us,

and never known by others.

You are so faithful even though we’re afar,

yet so understanding with our misunderstandings.

All is doing fine until I began to cry,

We can’t take it no longer ’cause

courage is no part.

Decided to part ways and

leave what’s been made.

Months have passed and decided to wait.

Communication regained and the decision has been made.

We settled as friends and I’m glad to take.

The feelings have been gone as time goes by.

We remained connected and still working with our friendship.

I never imagined that we will end up like this.

Still asking why our relationship didn’t make it.

Now that I realized, it’s better to be like this.

No Complications and Painful Momentums.

This unexpected love of ours that will treasured and a history forever.


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