You don’t know what “It” can Do

Even though ours is all made-up,

I can’t get myself  out of it,

I broken all the rules  that was set,

And made all the stupidness, 

Mistaken and misunderstood by others,

I don’t give a damn impediment.

All I wanted is to be true to you.

The clumsiness and stupidness inside

was a perfect flaw of mine,

because I gotten your interests to me.

But as I said before,

ours is just all made- up,

but is there a chance to change it up?

Well it is all fictitious.

I was the only one who broke the rules.

You were so obedient that you wouldn’t,

and it hurts to know that.

I was the only one who assumes.

I’m sorry I forgot it was just a pretence of ours.

The sweetness and gentleness we shared.

Smiles and laughters we bear.

Tears that was shed,

and all the teasing we brought,

Was  revocable and scripted.

I hate to admit it but,

All the pretending that we had

was reminding of how love it was.

How love is so painful.

How love is bitter but sweet.

How love is  caring.

How love is fulfilling.

How love can be dangerous.

And how love can surprisingly be beautiful. 

But wherever you look at it,

The picture of us pretending, painfully brought up tears and sadness in me.

Because it is not true and I assumed.







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