The Other Guy

I liked you as well as I hated you before.

Well I hate you until now.

You know why?

Because you know me. when I’m mad,

When I’m thinking of something, When I’m sad, everything.

You always defeat me with your words.

You always tease me but It’s actually giving me a thing to do.

You are observant and reasonable.

You always find alibi when we have a teasing fight.

Well, don’t you know that when the time that you smile and laugh at me,

I’m always mesmerized and got attached to it?

That you can make me smile and laugh easily.

I just realized, even though you’re not so handsome, you are very appealing.

The way you walk through the corridors, the way you run lazily, the way you shoot the ball to the ring, 

The way you comb your hair by your hands,

The way you hesitate,

The way you talk and express,

there are just some things that I like to you.

I never wonder why my friend is obsessed to you.

Even though you had those pimples around your face,

there just nothing when you begin to talk.

The not-so-handsome-guy but the most-oh-so-appealing-guy that I ever met is you.

With your sarcasm and over-boosting confidence,

made me like you until now.

Thank you for coming into my life. 

I learned many things from you.

And I’m thankful that you know me that well because it will made me continually

and happily hate you for knowing me. 

Smile always most-oh-so-appealing guy. 😀


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