Hopeless Romantic

          I always find love as a big piece of an art. I am idealistic. I often dream that someday I will find my very own true love. I love to fantasize. I often visualizing you and me sitting under a tree and looks very happy. I always smile in that idea. Seeing you from afar makes my heart thumps faster. With your simple gestures and epic reactions that I’m the only one that can see,I’m already accepting you from who you are. For all your imperfections and flaws, I will always admire from afar. I find my self making haiku  about you and all about my daydreams.  I always dream you being on my side. I wanted to convey my feelings to you but I know I can’t and I wouldn’t. it’s funny to understand and know I already made plans for the both of us if ever we will be together. I wanted to give you simple gifts and hoping that you would keep it. I wanted to explore the world with you, try new things together. I just don’t want somebody to hold me, I also wanted to hold somebody. Even though I’m just an acquaintance in your eyes, I will always care when you are sick, I will always love you even though you don’t return it, I will always look at you as my one and only for now. I wanted to know you more. I wanted you to know that I am here, watching you from afar, loving you from afar, smiling and caring for you. I wanted to do simple things for you in order to see you laugh and smile because of me. I wanted to be the reason why you are smiling and having fun. I know and keep reminding my self that there will be someone out there, my true love, who will be beside me. I’m sorry, that’s what I get from watching fantasies and reading fantasies. I always have time to think of you. I wonder if you will ever recognized me. I wanted to show you my feelings but I don’t know how, I don’t find a chance. When? When will you glance at me? When will you care for me? When will you like me? When will you feel me? When is the time that you will find me and utter my name? I wanted to hear it. I wanted to see it. I wanted to feel it. Before this possibility that I will forget you, I will forget everything. But it is alright, even if you like somebody, even if you don’t see me, I will continually love you, admire you and care for you. Because I know , I know more about you than your friends because I always have my eyes on you. I wanted to give plenty of things to you. I’ll be patiently waiting. Do I sound like creepy? Don’t worry I’m not a stalker, I only follow you with my eyes, not my feet. If there’s a chance that you will be reading this, I wanted to say I’m alright, this is just another heart break. And i’m immune to it. But whatever it is, I will be always believing in romance, in love. I always believe that I will experience those in movies and books, having picnic together, a romantic date at the top of a building with those city lights or maybe sing a song for you, visit beaches, play cards,field trips, and of course to be loved by someone. I maybe like this, jealous when you’re with someone else, staring you as if you are the one. Hahaha. Funny right? That’s me, Hopeless romantic. But if someday there will be the time that your eyes will be locked unto mine, I will be definitely happy. I just wanted to know you but in case of emergency, I’ll ready my self if you want to know me too… Smile always “Patpatin”.


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