It Do Prevails

Every one of us possesses various qualities in school at home and in public places. As a student of San Pedro College Basic Ed. Department, I need to practice and should exhibit good manners when talking, eating, and should display truthfulness of ones words and deeds.

The Dominican Sisters taught us to be sensitive and sincere in serving others and the Lord. In school, we are ought to learn, accept and not prejudice. Having the motto of “Love Serves”, I often remind myself to be responsible and humble in every actions and achievements that to be received. Serving love,care and compassion to others can make a difference.

Saint Dominic quoted, “Arm yourself with prayer rather than a sword; wear humility rather than fine clothes” . As an SPCian student, I always offer a humble prayer to God. Arming yourself with a prayer can diminish many circumstances than holding a sword. It would rather make a problem worse.Because correcting a mistake with another mistake won’t help us. Humble in words and deeds  is an achievement within yourself.

I need to be a good sister for others, a good and effective leader for my teammates, a real friend and a  helping hand. A good sister should have great patience and wide understanding to others. A good and effective leader should  trust in the capabilities of her/his followers, recognize and appreciate the ideas coming from the group,responsible and matured enough to handle misunderstandings. A real friend is truthful to his/her words. Faithfulness and trustworthiness in ones actions and in keeping secrets. Being a helping hand for those who suffer depression, hunger, incompetence, discrimination and failures may provide them hope and love.

As a human being, I need to respect  others, learn to love people wholeheartedly,bring hope and joy to the broken hearts. Thinking before acting, being sensitive enough, being wise of using our senses, to see the truth, listen and understand, preach with compassion, inhale the good air, and to touch gently.

We are given the chance to live fruitfully. With God’s abundant grace and love, we are well. Being thankful to all the what we receive, and also be thankful even if our day turns out badly because it is all God’s grace.

Such qualities can help plenty of people. You are worried for not having those qualities? Don’t lose hope! If you want to improve yourself, you need to be determined and willing. You can do it step by step. When making decisions, begin with the end. Once you realized, you know what to do. Goodness does prevails in us. So start your day with a prayer and end it with a prayer.


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