Go with the Flow

                        You travel a lot going to a mall to shop? Take a ride in a public transportation?Or maybe you have a private vehicle but the fuel costs much? Well everyone used to do that. You make much effort  when going to your destination and walk around searching for the things you wanted to buy and arriving home very tired and ragged after finding what you need or want or sometimes you end up failed to find it because it’s unavailable or sold out. It usually happens right? Well in that case Electronic Commerce jumps into the story of our lives. It’s about selling and buying stuff via-online. When you say business, you should expect everything.


                 Food,clothing,appliances,shoes,gadgets,tickets,accessories and etc are present online. Its all about sitting,clicking,scrolling and whatever other processes that should be done and poof!! you already bought that item, all you just gonna do is to wait for the delivery to arrived. No pain and sweat at all. Very convenient right? Well that’s the life today. You can select items freely and pay it using your credit card or Visa or any optional way of paying and even able to put up your own business online. E-commerce implies great advantages to us. But in everything that booms in the industry has also disadvantages and requires great responsibility in our every acts as an e-tailer and a buyer. So be careful in giving your personal information in buying online, read the terms and conditions before clicking and deciding. It may be a scam! Also buying stuff online requires trust and communication between the seller and the buyer and the seller can meet the demands of the customer. But it is a disadvantage to us customers when buying online that we can’t really check the quality of an item because only the description and picture is only shown.


                  Nonetheless it is in our own choice how to see this in the future. E-commerce maybe a great way to make our life comfortable. Or maybe it will change our ways in buying items. But E-commerce also develops our skills in business. Otherwise it depends on how we use it and spread it. The future depends in our present doings. But for now we should enjoy ourselves buying through internet or walking and strolling in malls to buy stuff that we need. Well you can choose either way, they have the same goals, to meet the customers’ demand and sell their products. The important is we are fast to accept the new ideas and the following ways in our lives. So which do you prefer? Well I preferred buying in stores /malls. Why? Because I don’t have that credit cards or Visa that they are asking or talking about in the process of paying…. So live life to the fullest! And so I am!





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