I can be You, You can be Me Online

you_can_agree_with_me_or_you_can_be_wrong_tote_bag-re0f0ccd80deb4beb895bfddc650f4914_v9w72_8byvr_216                  Its the 21st century,everything evolves in terms of technology, medicines, knowledge,sciences and other processes. More and more people are using smart phones, computers,electronic tablets thus bringing high competence in using this things. Literate in this digital world means the ability or having this great knowledge that enables you to write,read,evaluate ad create contents using computer and the Internet. People finds it interesting and fun but we need to remember, we are obliged with the responsibility of what we are encoding in the net working sites. Being knowledgeable isn’t enough we need to understand what we read and write for no incoming complications in the future.

I’m a junior high student, I often surf  , read and sometimes watch things in different sites. I’m fond of some anime characters and sometimes I’m a part-time k-pop fan. Actually I’m an avid fan of the love team “JuliElmo” which turns out to be so distracting in my studies because I often checking out new pictures and updates from them in Facebook and Tumblr accounts about them. And I’m a silent reader of Fan Fiction stories dedicated to them by my “co-adiks”. So I always find myself staying for hours in front of the computer and cannot control it even though I want to. They are just so obsessing. So I decided to stop this habit. Well who said I probably stop it? Nope I just minimize my usage of computers and disciplined myself. How much I wanted to have plenty tabs in my monitor, I need to do important things first. And of course for finally being disciplined and obedient to my parents, I agreed not to use computers on school days except having these homework that needs the presence of Mr.Computer and Ms. Printer and no other hidden agenda. Well I’m really proud of myself for achieving this continually.

Using these gadgets around us made our lives comfortable. But this world doesn’t revolves in sitting on you chair, facing your computer monitor and do some clicking and copy /paste. We need to be balance in terms of using these materials. We kept on posting and evaluating ideas, accepting new ones and relate it to others. Nothing wrong will happen in putting things in the right place. We just need to be responsible on how we use it. These are created for better communication and access in our world, to know more about things and to escape ignorance.

Appropriate using technology may be observed in some ways like researching related topics and information about your requirement in school. Expanding our knowledge and experience in digital literacy. Appropriate when used properly and don’t over worked the gadget you’re using leading to electronic problems. It is used when we need to know what’s happening in the world and of course by not posting unimportant and not trusted ideas or issues about other people. Using of technology for immoral acts is inappropriate.

We enjoy using net working sites right? We have different identities in varies of sites we’re present and actively using it. We meet plenty of people everyday in using these different sites. We made friends with the same interests. We find people to talk to and shared our own perspective about the different issues around  us but we need to protect ourselves , our own identity. Yes we know them but there’s always an exception in giving your personal information. In order to stay safe and sound we need to be responsible enough to handle this kind of situations.

As soon as possible, having many identity is better than having only one. Like me, I’m April or  weird_april, Fastbeats in a particular online game , actually I have plenty of accounts in that online shooting game, I may be czaryn or chainz and chainedmemories. Well in using these names I met plenty of people in the world. Others from Mongolia, Italy, Malaysia and even Indonesia. Well sometimes you really need to have restrictions to every thing that you would likely to do. To avoid misunderstanding with others, to protect your identity and to protect others too. By this we avoid chaos, bullying, distractions and disturbances to others. It’s about being safe and alive. No second thoughts. Don’t give personal details about you and others. It may lead you for destruction of trust and dignity. So beware, I maybe and maybe not the one you are chatting now. I could be your secret admirer, your stalker and even your shadow in the dark. But don’t worry I won’t do that, I preferred to be April ,weird_april, FastBeats, chainz, czaryn and chainedmemories online whose uniquely made and freely walking and running across the streets. Freely moving and expressing and not wanting to be anyone else except for my very own self.


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