Reachable Stars

                                    We all know when October 05 strikes in our calendar, we bring flowers, gifts, chocolates, appreciation cards, we hold surprises and twists that we make sure that we can put smiles and laughter  on their faces. I am talking about putting a joy in our teachers’ hearts. Teachers’ day is a great event and date to show our appreciation and love to our very own teachers. With our mini surprises and detailed gifts we can put a kick of happiness in their hearts. Teachers are stars that we can reach by our hands unlike those superstars far away and can never been touched freely. Teachers put spotlights to us. We put spotlights to superstars, I’m talking about actors and actress , people whose in showbiz. We should give them honor and respect for teaching us and taking care of us while we are in school. They are our second parents. Have you ever wondered how they can handle our naughtiness? How can they handle bunch of hard-headed students? Simple because they understand us and care for us. They are willing to help us not just by means of work but by means of love to us. How can our teachers handle too many sections to be taught for a day? What’s the feeling of being a teacher? Or should I say, is it hard to be a teacher?

                                 I am a typical second-year high school student who studies, walks through the hallways, read books in the library, chat with friends, ask a question, answer a problem, runs through the corridors, respect the elders, leads a group, wears a uniform as the way it is styled, eat in the cafeteria , broke some of the rules sometimes but not intently and of course listens to a teacher just like any other fourteen year old teenager do. I didn’t imagine in my whole life that I can really experience a little bit of a teacher’s life and work. October 04,2012, a date to remember. I was  chosen to be a student teacher for a day and told to teach algebra for second year and first year students which apparently I will enter 5 rooms . Before the day, I prepared my self and some activities to be done, and do research and read my previous algebra books to refreshed my mind and share some knowledge to everyone. I was done preparing for almost 3 hours and practice how to speak in front of  “my students” and practice the proper attitude  I will give to them. My teacher in mathematics gave me some brief of how I will approach effectively to them and gave me advice how to write on the board and make an eye to eye contact to the students while talking. After giving me my schedules and all, I proceeded to every room that I am going to teach to. On that day, I was observing my other co-student-teachers and probably observed that what we are doing is kinda funny to look at because everybody is talking about their schedules, free times and what will be the next class and everything. We acted like a teacher that day. Honestly speaking I enjoyed teaching that day because when some of the students that I encountered in the class and was recognized was greeting me and it’s very overwhelming if one of the students recognize you and listens to you. Being a teacher for a day is exhausting and my legs hurt from standing and walking all day. I therefore conclude it is hard to be a teacher. I am really wondering how teachers preparing plenty of stuff for their classes and how they use their time wisely. Being a student-teacher is a bittersweet  experience. That day also didn’t end in just teaching, there’s also a contest entitled “The Battle of the Bands” and probably some of my classmates joined it and won 2nd prize. We ended that day with haggard faces, exhausted body and aching throats. Even though we ended up like rotten vegetables on that day we closed it with prayer of thanksgiving and forgiveness.

                                 It was October 05,2012 and actually it’s Friday. Thank God its Friday!, we started the day with praying the holy rosary and proceeding with the Holy Mass. Since it is teachers’ day the priest talk about our heroes that’s getting out of shine and sparkles and superstars that outshines, sparkling and full of brightness because of us, giving spotlights to them. Teachers are our heroes. Teachers are like candles that lightens up our way and leading us to a great and good future. They are spending their lives teaching us everyday with their passion to teach. Providing us and giving us their own light and giving us spotlights to be recognized and to be inspired. They are the reason why we became as doctors, nurses, accountants, chef, business woman and teachers too. We should thank them for being with us always. The Holy Mass says everything what should be done and what should be thanked of. We stayed half day in school after the program  that was organized by the student body organization. Let me share to you some of the happenings. There was giving of gifts and appreciation to every teacher in the institution. And we the second year students who really missed our adviser, Sir Nap whose been absent for many days because of sickness and the reason behind is probably us because we are  hard-headed. But we did our best and one of my classmate made letters that read as “Sir Nap” when put together . We also bought flowers and made appreciation cards and each one of us wrote a message for him at the back of the letters and we also brought food for our community lunch and filled our stomachs with delicious food and filled our hearts with laughter and love. We just made that day to honor our adviser and a token of appreciation for all the great patience and for all the words of wisdom he shared to us. We gladly appreciated the smile on his face that day that made my heart jumps for joy. We thank all the teachers for all the hard work and for all the care and love that you are giving to us. We honor you as our guardians in school and being our parents when we are depressed and having problems at home. Thank you for the spotlight and blessings. I therefore say.. Being a teacher is very hard. But it explains to us that every decision you make always follow your heart. I realized that, teachers are the real superstars.


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