“Advances in Technology: Essential for Sustainable Living?”


                           Advance technology is like a virus that spreads around the world in just a little amount of time. This evolve easily like before we only have brooms use for cleaning our floors and now we have vacuum cleaners, before we use only fan to freshen ourselves now we have air-condition  units and electric fans, charcoal and woods for cooking replaced by electric stoves, candles use to lighten our homes turned into fluorescent light, before we use libraries use for research and assignments and now we have this internet in our computers and just a click of the mouse, poof!!!, answers to your questions are just in front of  you ready to copy, paste, and print!. Before, it takes time and a hard work for us to wash our clothes with bare hands and hang them under the heat of the sun but now we’re using washing machines with driers just to lessen the work! Imagine? In just an ample of time many things changed. People also manage to adjust and accept these changes made by technology easily because it makes people’s life easier and comfortable. Can you imagine what life is without those things? I think, you can’t even survive without your phone or iPad  besides you in a day.

                             Technology has great advantage when talks about making life easier and comfortable. it also improves our individual intellect when you use it for knowledge purposes. Many people are fascinated with technology. Helps an individual widen their imaginations and curiosity leading to more learning. These gadgets give us delight, excitement and satisfaction. It has many benefits, yet, it has also disadvantages like people got addicted to this because of what they’ve seen and get from it. It has a great impact for children in this generation. These children prefer to stay home and play computer games and video games and stay up late at night than to study their lessons and playing outdoor games like piko, running and fetching, skipping rope, patintero, flying kites and many more. Improper usage of technology affects our time to our family and friends. We are always tempted to choose technology than to have a bonding moment with friends and family and even with God.  People now has no discipline in using these things. It also affects their personalities and beliefs because of what technology impose to them. No manners and usage of foul words are common in most of the people especially teenagers. Laziness is also developed now a days  because of  the technology that makes our work easier. That’s the bad side of it. People are too dependent with the technology they have.

                             We can’t blame technology about these facts. We should blame ourselves for not using it properly and abusing it. We should learn how to use technology properly.  Actually technology is very helpful in our living but too much of it can affect many things. Laptops, i pads , touched-screen cell phones, psp , iPhone, cameras  and many more are everywhere and most of it are used improperly. Learning from technologies and inventing new ones are great development and I’m sure our future will be great if and only if we used this technology correctly and there will be no problem. Share, explore and learn more new things about technology. Who knows what will be in our future? What will happen to the next generation? What will the world look like? Are you prepared for more exciting or scary changes will happen? Be prepared for everything.  These advance technologies that makes our life comfortably to live is just a part of our waiting and it will just pass in no time when the time comes and ended up our waiting.


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