The Borrowers by Mary Norton

                      As a 14 year-old girl, I love reading magical and unique stories because for me it’s interesting if a story has different and unusual ideas which makes me as a reader will never forget that wonderful piece of art. When I was a kid, I’m having fun of reading books most likely fantasy books. Reading books allows me explore different worlds and wonder and imagine how things work out within our large and sometimes frightening world. Most of the kids are fun of playing doll houses,cars and everything and imagining their selves being those and living like those things. For me, imagination starts from what you read and what you see.

              I’m gladly to share this novel entitled as The Borrowers by Mary Norton which is my favorite novel. This classic of children’s fantasy literature is about little race of people called Borrowers who live under the floorboards and between the walls of our houses, constructing their homes out of items that they “borrow” from the human residents. A fourteen-year-old Arrietty Clock lives under the floorboards of a house with her parents, Pod and Homily. As Borrowers, they survive through Pod’s “borrowing” of items from the “human beans” who live in the home above the floor. Her father has been “seen” after borrowing a toy tea-cup by one of the big people – a boy who had  been sent from India live with his great-aunt while recovering from a disease. Remembering the fate of their niece Eggletina who wandered away never returned after her father had been seen and the big people had brought in a cat, Pod and Homily decided to warn Arrietty because once a Borrower is “seen” by a human,however, they are in great danger. In that cause, Homily realizes that Arrietty ought to be allowed to go borrowing with Pod. Several days of experiencing of borrowing and after wandering outside there she meets the Boy, and develops friendship with him. Arrietty and the Boy had a secret connection and her father found it out that he’s talking to the Boy, Pod takes her home immediately. Her parent’s are frightened because the Boy will probably figure out where they live. They turn out to be right but the Boy, instead of wanting to hurt them, bring them gifts. They experience a period of “borrowing behind all dreams of borrowing” as the Boy offers them gift after gift. Mrs. Driver the housekeeper-cook, notices a few items missing and believes someone is playing a joke on her. She stays up late and catches the Boy bringing his nightly gifts  his new friends and saw the Borrowers and finds their home. The Boy attempts to rescue the Borrowers but Driver locked him in the nursery room. After three days, the Boy is to be sent back to India. Driver cruelly takes him to the kitchen before he sees the ratcatcher to smoke the Borrowers out their home. The Boy manages to run and break off the grating outside and he  never gets to see the Borrowers escape since the cab comes to take him away. Arriety, Pod and Homily flew away and find Arrietty’s Uncle Hendreary. Clock family  continued their new journey after that experience.

                    The Borrowers by Norton seems to be the desire of  letting the children discover other worlds and developing their imaginations to the extent of wanting to become a part of those different worlds. It’s an inspiring story to me because this master piece taught me to treasure, care and love my friends and family. This novel helped me when I was young to escape the feeling of loneliness because I began to explore and imagine if there are little people in the wardrobe,under the wall clock, underneath the kitchen floor boards and under my bed. When I was a kid, I really think of that, and if it is true, I wanted to be a Borrower. This novel tells about how Borrowers live and borrow. It’s very inspiring to read because even though you’re different with each other, talking about physically and having different worlds like the Boy and Arrietty, you can gain friends if and only you are open and not afraid of discovering,exploring and socialize to other people.


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