My Mom and Dad

                       My father’s name is Norberto B. Pacete and mom is Esther L. Pacete. My dad is 47 years old turning 48 this Sept.26. He is very supportive when it comes to us. I’m referring to my self and to my older sister named Kristine whose 21 years old and a registered nurse. My dad was the one who’s taking good care of us because my mother is working abroad for us,for my studies. He’s the one who always reminding and teaching us to be an independent person so that when they aren’t here anymore in this world and our side, we can be able to manage ourselves to live. He’s amazing and no one can ever replace him. He’s the best dad.

                       When it comes to great patience, my mom is the best. She has the beautiful smile that I’ve wanted to see always. She’s beautiful and a loving mom. She’s not that expressive of what she feels and I don’t know why. We inherit that attitude from her. She’s the most caring mother in the whole world. Her age is 51 but she looks like in 30’s to 40’s even though she has a lot of work. She’s the one who taught us to be happy always and be patient when someone is annoying and hard-headed. She told me to smile always and don’t be sad before she leaves to work abroad. She’s always there when I need her. My mom told me to help my self to get up when I’m down and smile. She’s simple but beautiful. My mom helped us to be disciplined, accept and understand for what you only. It means be appreciative enough to even in small things. She told us that, for every thing that you want to have, you need to work hard for it to have it and you will find your self smiling proudly for what you have just achieved.


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