A Day to Remember

Laudare to praise,

Benedicere to bless,

Praedicare to preach,

Dominicans are we.

Yes you are right, that’s the Dominicans Are We Hymn. In honor for the founder of  Order of Preachers which is St. Dominic , we celebrated his feast last August 07,2012 in which the original feast day is August 8. We celebrated the feast by starting it with a Eucharistic Mass celebration. We also prepared for the community lunch which everyone shared what they brought happily and wholeheartedly. After we filled our stomachs with a delicious and bountiful feast, we prepared for the most awaited choral group and St. Dominic look-alike competition which all the students will part-take to this event. And for the second time of the history the Grade 8 got the first place in winning the choral group competition and second place for the St. Dominic look-alike contest. We were awarded and acknowledged our efforts and cooperation. We ended the feast with a prayer and a huge smile on our face.

We learned many things from St. Dominic which he taught us to preach only the truth and be faithful always to God. “Arm yourself with prayer rather than a sword; wear humility rather than fine clothes”, this quote of him inspire us the most to be a wholesome being. For all the misunderstandings and conflicts that we had before the feast was gone and replaced by a smile and a stronger relationship, trust from one another and love that serves us all that binds us strongly. We learned plenty of things especially when it comes to preaching the word of God which we should only preach the only truth because truth can set us free from all troubles.

Yes, everybody says that Grade 8 St. Louis de Bertrand is a great head ache because we are noisy but all I can say is whatever events or activities will come, Grade 8 students always giving all their best to prove that even though we are like that, we can lead, we are leaders, we are fighters, we are competitive, we are one  and most of all we will not going to give up in all challenges ’cause we believe in each of everyone’s talents. We are happy, we are enjoying, we know our limits when it comes to behavior and we are trying our best to be a good model to our little siblings. That day, we realized many things and thanks also for all the effort of our adviser, Sir Nap and to all faculty and staff. The day ended perfectly in the hands of our Lord and all the achievements we had that day was lifted up to him. It was a remarkable day, a day to remember always. 🙂


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