I am Special

             Special? Is being incomparable, unusual, one of a kind, rare and unique. It’s having your own talents andpotentials that no one else can do it but only you.

              I am special in way of having my own DNA which gives me my own identity. Having twenty-three pairs of chromosomes which the twenty-third is referred as “xx” which results to a female. Females are used to describe as mystical. Having a protective shell like the snail which hiding our vulnerability from other people. Only trusted people like my close friends and my family knows me. The truth is in some cases they really don’t know you that well, only God and yourself knows only your own true identity. People say I’m confusing and hard to understand like a Math Subject which needs solutions to be solved.

             They are like having a puzzle maze or a logic problem to solve when they are with me. Actually, they are the one who make things scrambled and complicated. They always ask “what’s really the true mood?” All I always do is to smile. I am the kind of person that having her menstrual period everyday because of different moods I’m doing or presenting. Different moods depending on different people and observation that I encounter, it’s like going on the flow and sometimes it’s messing the flow. Hehe I just love confusing people especially when they tried to read what’s inside of my freaking head. I am easy to read if you choose to know me better but it will always be a mystery.

            We are unique scientifically, emotionally and spiritually speaking. God created us through his likeness and love and that is the reason above all of being special. Just always remember that we are absolutely unique.


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