Do Dreams Come True?

                  Do dreams  come true? Why do people keep on dreaming when they know that it’s impossible to come true? Is it nature to human?

                  People do believe in their fantastic dreams. I, myself is a dreamer and a believer too. Dreams  really do come true in a way that I have plenty of dreams which came true like a dream to be happy always, a dream for my sister to pass the board exam and many others. Dreaming is not just for yourself. You can also dream for others too. After achieving some of your dreams you aren’t contented yet in the end because you want more to achieve, you want more to prove.

                 Dreaming to be an accountant, a chef, a helping hand and a wholesome being are just some of my dreams that are waiting to be achieved and after that there will be more to come. I’m not afraid to dream for other people because in the first place my dreams are meant for helping other people not myself. My dreams are important for me to keep going on to my journey and my purpose in life. I will never be afraid of dreaming endlessly.

                 Dreams are our way to change, our way to happiness, our way to live life to the fullest, our way to become inspired, our way to achieve our goals. It is the way which you get your self to know better. Even though we got it to the goal, we will always be never contented of what we have because it’s in the nature of humans of always achieving and aiming to have more and not being contented at all.


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