Nutrition Month Culmination

Grade 8 – St. Louis de Bertrand                   "Nutrition Month Culmination"

                      What’s Nutrition Month? Nutrition Act of the Philippines appointed the National Nutrition Council (NNC) as the lead agency to coordinate the nationwide of this annual event held every July, The Nutrition Month. Come this 38th year of Nutrition Month. NNC comes up a theme to call the nation’s attention and action on a particular issue, the theme was “Pagkain ng gulay ugaliin, araw-araw itong ihain!”. 38th Nutrition Month focuses on the increase of consumption of vegetables and promotes vegetable gardening and increase demand of vegetables to help local farmers.

                      This year’s Nutrition Month of our school, we celebrated it peacefully and joyfully. Peaceful in a way that there where no cramming or problems and joyful because everybody had fun. In SPC, we had a two-day culmination ( July 30-31) of nutrition month where we practiced a lot for the song adaptation contest and fortunately we won. Our hard work of practicing everyday and even on weekends were paid off. We have plenty of activities like food carving, essay making contest, Nutri- Quiz Bee contest where I am one of the contestants, poster making and even our TLE project was presented and acknowledged during the event. The winner of  the song adaptation contest which is us Grade 8- St. Louis de Bertrand under Sir Napdeo Natka Natad presented in the said program. There was also an intermission number of the dance club, music lovers club and other grade 7 students. The awarding also happened in the said event where all the student participated in the said activities were recognized. The event was successfully ended by an inspirational remarks from our assistant principal. The two-day culmination was very remarkable and all of us had fun.

                    Nutrition Month was a very memorable month for us because I know in just a month of preparing, practicing, sweat, laughter, tears and smile it was a great impact for us and to our relationship that became stronger. We all had fun this month and this month of August we will celebrate the Feast of St. Dominic this 7 and everybody is preparing for the great day.


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