Take a Glimpse of San Pedro College of Davao City

Yipee!!, Wooo!!!, Gosh I’m so excited!, that’s all what I’m saying when the school days is about to start.. I am thinking of many things that I’ll do when I will enter San Pedro College. I heard many things from an SPCian about this school.I can say that SPCians are kinda serious people, objective types, trained and excellent students. I am impressed to what I’d discovered.And I said to my self , “It’ll be great if  can experience to be an SPCian.”  It’s probably challenging and sort of good feeling to be. I began to imagine many things about the school. I think of  the school will be having an open field, gymnasium,large facilities,laboratories and others. We even visited the campus with my friends and my family. All I can say when the time I saw the campus was “WOW”. The construction is still ongoing but you can definitely say that it is very impressive.It is so much for more than I expected.  The school is extremely big. There were large laboratories, libraries, computer labs, theater room, chapel, spacious classrooms and others. The institution is really trying their best to put up great things. They even provided school buses for students. San Pedro College is celebrating golden years of fruitful service and their new goal this year is SPC will become SPU- San Pedro University in no time.

This the picture of San Pedro College Elementary and High School Department. This building is under construction but it will definitely be finished soon.

Everybody in the institution especially the Dominican Sisters, the teachers and other faculty  are giving their best to give the students  the best education. The association helps the students strengthens their Catholic Faith, it let the students welcome and accept the changes especially when it comes in technology. They give importance to the talents and intelligence of students by putting club organizations in order for us to develop more of our talents. The reputation and the achievements of the school in many aspects proves that it is worthy to be a UNIVERSITY.

This is San Pedro College Main Building.

Everybody wants it to be a university. I hope and pray for that. In order to fulfill our goals we need to work hard to gain excellence like SPC that serves love in many years.


One response to “Take a Glimpse of San Pedro College of Davao City

  1. Hello April, indeed our goal is to be a university! In the process it entails hardwork and great efforts. We are glad to have students like you! Keep posting, keep blogging!

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