Pinagkait ng tadhana madama ang aruga mo,

Mismo ikaw,hindi yata ako gusto,

Mapatawad mo kaya ako?

Taong nagbigay ng pasakit sa iyong puso?


Sa paglisan mo hindi ako dininig,

Nagdulot sa akin ito ng pagkamuhi,

Nagpatayo ng bakod upang ‘di masilip,

Tinanggihan ang lahat ng lumapit,


Handang mamalimos kung iyong nanaisin,

Nagsunog ng kilay para iyong mapansin,

Pinuri na ng lahat ngunit ‘di ikaw,

Ano ang kulang nang magawa ko rin?,


‘Di ko hangad karangyaan at kayamanan,

Pagmamahal mo ang gustong maramdaman,

Ngunit nasaan ka ng noong ako’y humihikbi?,

Iba ang nagpunas ng mga luha ko sa pisngi,


Ang damot kung tutuusin,

Iba ang gumampan ng iyong gawain,

Batid kong ika’y lubos nahirapan,

Naisip mo bang ako rin?,


Takang-taka kung bakit ganito kaganid,

Kasi’y umasa ngunit ‘di nangyari ang nais,

Gusto ko lang naman ng taong matawag kong akin,

Mahirap ba itong tuparin?.


Painom naman kahit kakarampot lang,

Diligan mo man lang ang puso kong uhaw,

Magbalik sana ang dating anyo nito,

At matutunang mapatawad ang sarili mismo,


Hindi na sana maging uhaw sa iyo,

Naging kontento na lang sana sa ibinigay mo,

Umitindi sana at nagpakumbaba,

Hindi sana masasaktan ng ganito kalala. 




I’m stuck in this illusion

called us,

Can’t get out because

I’ve been wanting you so much,

It’s drowning me and

it doesn’t get any better,

I’m stuck in this illusion

called us,

Countless times that

I wanted to stop,

But  this feeling

is just non-stop,

I’m still stuck in

this illusion,

Us together?

maybe this is impossible,

Yet, I’m staying still

maybe sometime we can find

a way to take a steal,

Stuck in this illusion,

a puzzle without conclusion,

When can we meet

half-way together?

So I won’t be wounding up

all alone forever.

Leaving You in the Past

“Leaving You in the Past”


I had enough of what ifs,

Not been looking for true things,

Holding such hopes,

It turns out to be nothing,


Hearing it from you is enough,

I have lost my emotions in the dark,

There’s no chance between us,

So it is better to stop,


Deciding is very tough,

But pain is driving me instantly,

Wanted to leave the scars,

Same time leaving you in the past,


It was already too much,

I guess I have traveled so far,

But my love haven’t reached you enough,

So I better turn my back this time,


Catching my breath as I glance you once more,

And holding it as my feelings hidden for so long,

Knowing that I’ll be losing you brought hurt,but

Leaving you is the only way to ease the pain of mine.






                             Six adjectives I wanted to describe my experience. It was fun, awesome,detailed,new,interesting,and hard. I’m talking about making a brochure using Photoshop. I am a beginner and I don’t have a clue how to use the buttons on the Photoshop however it is a user friendly application and it doesn’t take a genius to use it. Making a brochure needs so much focus and planning, especially on your designs and texts that you’ll put in the brochure. As I made my brochure, I found difficulty in putting and editing texts but it was fine. I was able to finish my brochure in 2 hours of time and haven’t edited it. When it was printed, I pointed out plenty of mistakes on my work. It was a lot of typos and it’s really worrying me and I just can’t print it out again because it costs much. Next time, I’ll be more careful and pay attention on the little details that might ruin the project. From this I won’t be able to regret but should be proud of my work! I’ll do my best to keep in mind the consequences of a low quality work.


It wounded me so deep,
And I couldn’t just forgive,
The insults you’ve been saying,
In my mind keeps on replaying,

It was the least I expected,
Your words diseased my head,
Even my body got frozen,
I just realized I’ve been insulted,

I let down my head,
As my eyes burst into tears,
I could’ve defend myself,
It  left me dumbfounded,

Harsh it’s I claim,
I kept on deleting it in my brain,
You have driven me mad ,
Now, when will I start the game?

I have marked your insults,
I’m giving it back to you,
Enough for the pretence,
I’ll show you my true presence.


Lips of yours,
So sweet, so fine,
Eyes of chocolate,
So deep and blind,

Great mind,
But foolish heart,
Sought vengeance,
Now this is hard.

Spoke lies,
Hid what is right,
Definitely cries,
Yet haven’t compromise,

Wrongs unfold,
You have been bold,
Forsaken and misspelled,
No right to be belonged.

Sick and venomous,
No one’s near of you,
Anguished by fear,
You are to be blamed to.


Fights are normal,

don’t worry,

Friends do care,

just trust them,

It’s about sharing,

selfishness have no place,

It’s making them happy,

but it’s okay if you share sad things,

They will understand,

a true friend doesn’t judge,

Be yourself,

fakes are useless for them,

They fight for each other,

especially for food,

They are crazy people,

they lighten things,

They’re frank,

and it’s the truth,

They don’t praise,

they play,

They make fun of you,

but they’re sincere to say sorry,

They see you cry,

and it’s ripping their heart,

They are naughty,

and they bite.

They are you called friends,

treasure them.


Still working at 2AM



So basically upon making this PSA on top and ending at 2 am really a relief for me. Why? because it’s my first time making one. And the thing is, I don’t know what I’m really doing when making this video because from the beginning I messed up with Video Pad. Hey! I don’t freakin’ know how to use it and I don’t read instructions but nonetheless it ended good. Not well because it has so many things to add and consider. Like having a nice concept and how the storyboard will be. So I ended up drawing and set an audio for it. And it took me 30 times of performing it again and again. Oh well, it was really tiresome especially when you need to talk for just 30 seconds as the requirement says. Luckily I didn’t tongue twisted. How’s my experience? Well, I preferred watching than doing it. It had to be so much details if you liked it to be fantastic! How handy is that? But it was a nice experience. I really did explore the buttons of the video maker. It did reminded me of what my computer teacher always say, “Explore the computer, don’t be afraid to click any button because YOU ARE LEARNING. It’s fine to wreck it at least you’ve learned.” So there you go, I took his wisdom and luckily didn’t wreck the machine. And finished the job without troubling myself in reading instructions. Haha! It’s so good to be simple. XD


Every time I close my eyes,

I can see you smiling at me,

And every time I open them,

I see you smiling to her.


I laughed at the fact that it was just me,

It was just me who is dreaming fantasies.

I managed to avoid this circumstance of falling in love,

Falling in love to a man who’s deeply in love to another woman.


And everytime I close my eyes,

I can see we are bound,

But everytime I open them,

I can see no strings are even attached.


Now do you see?,

See the things that merely happens during I can’t see?

Things that will not happen if I’m totally awake?…

That’s why I do wish that never will I see,




every time…


I don’t do things when I hesitate,

I don’t lingers with common possibilities.

I go with uncommon perspectives.

Instincts works on me better.


I don’t decide when I’m troubled.

I don’t speak when I’m not alright.

I always hate interruptions.

I do control but not all the times.

I do not easily forget.

I do not easily let go.

I kept holding on until it’s all right.

I do appreciate when I’m in mind.


I remember painful memories.

I treasure the remarkable ones.

I take it as potion of strength.

I made it a shield to fight.


I, it’s always been I.

I, it’s all about my only life.

I, no one knows when you not  seek.

I, unsought and unbound by I.